The History of Cusacks

Manuka, 1929 - National Archives of Australia A3560, 627

The Cusack family has been in the Canberra region since emigrating from Ireland in 1854.  Stan Cusack (b.1899) established his first furniture store in 1918.  As a result, Cusack’s Furniture is the longest running family business in the region.

Stan left school at 14, one year after the establishment of Canberra, to work in his father’s sulky construction business.  They supplied throughout Australia and exported to South Africa.  His father was a prominent politician at the time and Stan learnt the carpentry and upholstery skills in the business and this led him to open his first furniture store in 1918.

By 1926, a chain of stores was established throughout the southern region.  The Great Depression hit businesses hard and the furniture trade was no exception.  Although the businesses were well established, all stores were closed except for those in Canberra upon the declaration of war in 1939,

1964 saw the establishment of Furniture One.  This is a group of independent retailers who banded together in order to remain competitive by having the buying power to take on the large impersonal chain stores.  David Cusack was a founding member and the Cusack family still sits on the board.

Cusacks has a long history of supporting sporting clubs, community associations and business groups.  We have provided employment opportunities for generations of Canberrans and were one of the founders to the now Canberra Business Council.

There have been many challenges along the way – economic depression, war, fierce competition and in 1975 the main store in Kingston was burnt to the ground.  Cusacks has endured all these challenges and consolidated its operations in Albany Street, Fyshwick, in 2012.  

As the 5th generation of the family contributes to the business, Cusacks looks forward to supporting Canberra and the wider region for years to come.

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